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  • Product Code: ZI 2019 Dining table 200 Teak Halion

ZI 2019 Dining table 200 Teca Halion

Item No. ZI 2610

This dining table from our Teca series is made of weathered teak. This while the playful metal frame has a beautiful antique grey finish. The table has a length of 200 centimeters, allowing 4 to 6 chairs to be placed under it. Various drawer cabinets and tables are available within the Teca series, which can be perfectly combined with each other.
Packaging Quantity (pcs) 1
Width of article (in m): 2
Depth  of article (in m): 1
Height  of article (in m): 0.78
Net weight (in kg): 49.5
Number of packages: 1
Volume (in m 3 ): 0.47355
Gross weight (in kg): 57
Material chassis: Steel
Distance to table top: 0.69
Cleaning Clean with a slightly humid cloth